Trying Again

The weather that caused cancellations in Atlanta had a ripple effect - flights from Charlotte to Phoenix were overbooked so instead of leaving from Cincinnati we tried leaving from here but Continental had used the empty seats on USAir.  We will try again on the 6 AM flight on Sunday - which means getting up as soon as we fall asleep!

Posted by Maureen on 12/26 at 07:21 AM

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good luck on travel arrangements. Our travellers (Shana and John) called from Czech Rep and all is well. they went to Hungary and visited the mineral baths.
I received a Nook reader but after several hours off noodling with it we still haven’t figured out how to download a book. kara will be by tomorrow and work on it.
  We went to dinner at the Journey with Al and Kara and then kara and I went to see the King’s Speech. I have to brag that a speech therapist may have saved the civilized world as we knew it. I enjoyed the movie alot. Powerful performances and some music that was perfect.

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I hope to see the movie but I don’t know when. Today is Guliver’s Travels, with a friend. Elliott and I had Lazy day at Home, yesterday. I couldn’t get him to a movie or Chinese. It was reading, computer and tv. Maureen, sorry about your travel delays. Matt got to Athens Georgia on Wed. Hehas been in Atlanta since Friday and comes home tomorrow. They had a white Christmas.

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Does it count if we feel as if we have spent the day traveling? Up at 3 AM for another failed attempt. Looks as if we will spend a relaxing week at home - trying out the bread maker that Kevin and Rachel gave us for Christmas.  Things you would never buy for yourself…  Dave will take 2 days off this week - or he loses the time.

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