Wednesday or Thursday is good for me.

I have been with Mom two days in a row. She was upset she hadn’t seen me since last Thursday. I asked her to go with Elliott and me to Evansville but she said no since we were going to watch Baseball as well as visit. Sometimes I just can’t win. I hope to see all of you this week.

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So this is the optimistic comment I sent out earlier today:  Bill has been in a rehab facility for 25 days after his second hospitalization. He has been ill since April 18. He is improving slowly and we anticipate at least another week or two here. He would enjoy visitors anytime Sunday or in the early evening during the week but a phone call first would be appreciated.  With help getting up he is walking for six minutes during therapy but he needs to wear a back brace and use a walker.  He is off supplemental oxygen and has reduced his amount of pain medication.  The mental confusion is mostly cleared. Once he is home he will need continued therapy for quite a while before he can be independent. At that time I will appreciate offers of keeping him company so I can run errands and resume activities.  And then THE SCIATIC NERVE PAIN HIT AGAIN. He has been in agony most of the afternoon. He doesn’t do anything and it just starts up and kills him. A ripped parachute tossing on the gusts.

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oh Susan….so very sorry to hear this…for your sake and for Bill’s….

makes no sense…

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