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Thanks for all of your news Maureen and Susan….  Travels in the wintertime are always a bit edgy!  I especially think back to all the Christmas drives up to Minnesota.  Without fail, we’d hit bad weather on the way up, while we were there, or on the way home…or sometimes all 3!  Steve had plane delays last week when he went to NYC to see some shows… I elected to stay here and enjoy the solitude!  But will fly up to my folks Feb 4-12 and hope for decent weather. Then we leave for Honolulu on Feb.19 ~ home on March 22.

I would like to keep this site….a permanent record of our group, and still a good way to share news.  I think if Barb will use this site when we are not meeting regularly any longer…  And Kate and Carol Fay will have to get back in the habit!  I haven’t been real good at it lately either…  so I will try to post more often!!  I love to read your latest Maureen, and Susan!

Posted by Carol on 01/21 at 05:51 PM

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  Did you miss me? Maureen came in and reminded me about CC Chatter. I’ve been doing email, especially with pictures and videos. This is faster but no Barb! Sue, you forgot to say BArb and you stopped by my house on your walk but I couldn’t walk with you. I was getting ready for the wedding the next day. no more nice days to walk right now. I try to make time to walk at the JCC but I’m not very successful.Elliott and I joined Weight Watchers. I’ve lost almost 3 lbs in two weeks. I go again tomorrow or Thursday. Elliott has lost 6 LBS.

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A person who stays active gets in a lot of steps just in the course of a regular day! I keep my iPhone in my pocket and it records steps (and stairway trips to the basement and back) - most days if I am at home, I still get in at least a mile.  Then lots more on treadmill days.  Good for you and Elliot to do Weight Watchers.  It always seems like a healthy way to lose pounds.

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