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I am working in the yard today and tomorrow afternoon while Kara keeps Bill company. His slow progress is due to the sciatic pain which is totally unpredictable. We try to be optimistic. Next week we will have a therapy inspection visit to see what they suggest we need for
Bill to be safe in the house. This does not mean he is ready to come home yet. He needs lots of assistance just to get up out of bed.

Posted by Susan on 07/08 at 05:49 PM

Next entry: Good News about my Mom!

Previous entry: Florida ~ yup it still gets hot down here!

We came home Saturday late afternoon…Dave cut the grass while I went grocery shopping, to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some things that I need for Rachel’s and Zach house if I am going to continue to use their kitchen…and I went to a few stores to look for the exact baby socks someone gave him…somehow 1 sock from 2 pairs have disappeared.  I even went “dumpster diving” in the laundry bin in the room and shook out his collection of dirty bed linen - to no avail.
Sunday, had a lovely breakfast in our gazebo, yoga at the Y, and a 16 mile bike ride, dinner in the gazebo and church.
All the songs at church sent my emotions off and I ended up crying for each one.
Then…started prepping for this week…made some food, laundry, packing, dinner prep.

But…if all goes well today (Monday)...Calvin and I will have another sleepover.

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Susan, I am glad to read that Bill is improving ~ even these small amounts!! 

For both Bill and Calvin….one day at a time

Maureen, it is good that you live so close to Cincinnati. Coming back here to regroup, deal with your own home etc…and then head back.  How are Zach and Rachel holding up?

I know what you mean about music elevating your emotions… and church hymns in particular.  Happens to me often…

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Today was a big day for walking. Bill walked 60 feet three times (leaning on the walker, wearing his back brace, sucking two liters of oxygen, floating on a double dose of pain meds and wearing a gait belt for the therapist to hold). This is the most since early April. Next year the mini? The best part was that his sciatic pain was minimal. We think the hip stretching exercises may be helping. Someday this week the therapists will come to scrutinize the house for pitfalls. He continues on IV antibiotics until July 20. Then we will see what happens.

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Elliott and I had a great weekend in Fort Branch and Evansville. We saw A baseball Doubleheader and got to spend time with Asher and family. Asher is now saying Bubbe very clearly and he can also say Papa!I’m happy to hear there is improvement with both Calvin and Bill even if it’s a tiny bit of improvement. I got to meet Barb’s Daughter-in-law and Grandson over the holiday weekend. I also got to meet Lauren, Jared’s Girlfriend.

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Wonderful to catch up on your latest CarolFay~ it is so sweet when your grandchild starts to say your name! Really neat that you got to see Barb’s grandson too and the girls!

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