Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Farewell Tour

We have started our Farewell Indy Tour…a year of doing things we have thought of doing for the past 40 years but never did - although Dave’s work schedule will put a crimp in that plan…like the S’more Festival on the Circle yesterday.
We have put the first payment on the lot and they are drawing up the plans with the changes we have made - adding 4 feet to the back of the house, moving a wall, adding a wall, moving a room, etc…
Next step is to look at the plan with the sales manager, he then submits it to the builder, we then meet with both of them - then they get the permit to start building while we…pick out door knobs - and counters, floor, cabinets, design the kitchen etc…Sounds as if we won’t have much time for our Farewell Indy - we will be in Cincy doing all this!
Hope to see everyone on the 15th.

Posted by Maureen on 08/08 at 12:25 PM
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