The Conversation Club

10 C's of The Conversation Club

Written by Kate on our 10th anniversary, October 1995

  1. "C" is for conversation - sometimes religion, sometimes politics, usually children, often education, once psychology (do you remember your personality profile?), rarely sex (not that we rarely have sex)
  2. "C" is for club - no officers, no business meeting, no constitution, no new members need apply
  3. "C" is for coins - never collected, never counted, not available tonight when we need them
  4. "C" is for coffee and drinks - usually decaf, usually tea, usually hot - above all does not apply at all times; please refer to summer menu
  5. "C" is for cars - not always necessary, but needed now - to get to those who thought they could move out of CC's area of influence
  6. "C" is for Carol - where would we be without her? - not here, probably at someone's house wondering how long we have been meeting
  7. "C" is for calling - some always, some most of the time, and sometimes during the week to get a referral for a stopped-up drain
  8. "C" is for caring - sometimes in sickness, sometimes in sorrow, and always for Thursday night so you don't show up and have forgotten to call
  9. "C" is for corn - not the kind you eat, the kind that usually shows up after 11:00 pm
  10. "C" is for commemorate - tonight we commemorate ten years - may we have another ten as well, and not wait so long next time to go out to dinner